Sunday, October 30, 2011

Multiple Choice Test - Social Work Style

I miss multiple choice tests. Where you take your number 2 pencil and fill in the circle. Staying completely within the lines of the circle. Where there is always a right answer, no explanation needed. If grad school social work assignments were a multiple choice test it would look like this:

Apples are:

A. Good

B. Tasty

C. Good and Tasty

D. Neither good nor tasty

**Please list your answer below, citing your sources using APA style. Your answer should be 12-15 pages. You should demonstrate your deep understanding of the topic and should incorporate your views, your family's views (going back 12 generations), as well as theories and concepts discussed in class. Use PowerPoints, class notes, small group discussions, textbooks, and 32 outside sources to summarize your learning and insights.


'C' is the correct choice because of the following eight reasons which I have thoroughly researched. My views on 'c' are as follows: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and blah. I believe that I feel strongly about 'c' because my mother felt strongly about 'c' and her mother felt strongly about 'c'. There are definitely multi-generational patterns as to our views on apples. I’m not sure what Bowen would say about this, but I’m sure he would be impressed I was able to find the damn (oops, I mean darn) pattern. It is important for me to understand, however, that other families may not see ‘c’ as the correct answer. As a social worker, I am okay with that as each family is the expert of their own experiences, and may view apples in a completely different way than I do. That doesn't make either of us right or wrong. It just means we get to have lots of frank discussions about apples. I am so grateful for the opportunity to answer this question because it helped me not only gain insight into myself and my family, but will also inform my social worker practice and make me a more competent practitioner.

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justmecassi said...

Today I realized that within the next three weeks I will be writing my last 20-30 page paper....possibly ever. What a fantastic feeling that was! LOL I definitely know what you are talking about and am somewhat excited for my Statistics final because of it. :)