Monday, October 5, 2009

Ellie - Week 8

Ellie is huge. Okay, not huge, but she has definitely grown over the past 8 weeks! I can't believe we've already had her for 2 months. She is sometimes a joy and sometimes very, very, very annoying. She has begun to show her territorial side. If we are on the couch together she wants to be in the middle. If we are petting the cats, she wants to be pet. If we are on the bed with the cats she has to be on the bed. Just today I was laying down with all three cats. Kristin put her on the bed and within 2 minutes she had, one by one, chased them all away so she could have us to herself. What a brat.

She is house trained, for the most part. When she has to go she'll whine by the back door. She does occasionally go to the bathroom inside, but not because she couldn't hold it to get outside. She has decided that when she doesn't get her way she'll repay us by pooping or peeing on the floor. I'm not exactly sure how to break of her of this habit, so if anyone has any ideas, let us know.

The picture below was just taken today after she had made a mess of a Kleenex she found and then gone outside and played in the rain. Crazy puppy.

For all of the craziness, she is still adorable and smart. She likes to cuddle (once she's had a nice long walk) and makes us laugh which are both very good things. We love her to pieces and wouldn't trade her for the world...