Monday, September 7, 2009

Ellie - Week 4

I can't believe Ellie has been part of our family for almost a month! Time flies! She is as cute as ever, but she has grown quite a bit...especially her legs. She was house trained for the most part until we messed up her schedule a couple of days last week. Hopefully we're getting back on track, though.

The cats aren't especially thrilled with her yet, but I think they're finally figuring out that she is here to stay. They all pretty much tolerate her until she tries to play with them...then they show her who's boss.

On the gross side, Ellie has had the runs for the past couple of days. We're not sure if she's sick or if it's her food or if it's just normal puppy stuff...but the vet says as long as she's eating and drinking she's fine, so I guess she's fine...but it has made for short nights since she has to go out ever 2 hours or so. She's good at letting us know when she has to go, though, and there haven't been any gross pooping accidents while we've been home (there was one that poor Jehn cleaned up while we were at Lisa and Beth's wedding...poor Ellie and poor Jehn!).

All in all things are going well and she's seems happy. This picture is of her and her "monkey" in the cat bed. She tends to fall asleep in it and then slowly pours out of it and inches across the floor in her sleep. Super cute. :)

Congrats Lisa and Beth!

This weekend we had the honor of attending Lisa and Beth's wedding!
It was wonderful to see friends we hadn't seen in awhile,
and to share in the celebration (unfortunately both of us
were fighting off the stomach flu,
so we couldn't stay long :( ).

Kristin was a chuppah holder.

Kelly, Amy, and Jason


Us :)